AstroUtils API

class utils.AstroUtils.AstroUtils[source]
static distance(l1, b1, l2, b2)[source]

Computes the angular distance between two galatic coordinates.

  • l1 (float) – longitude of first coordinate

  • b1 (float) – latitude of first coordinate

  • l2 (float) – longitude of second coordinate

  • b2 (float) – latitude of second coordinate


the angular distance between (l1, b1) and (l2, b2)

static AP_filter(filename, threshold, tstart, tstop, outpath)[source]

This function filters an aperture photometry file using a threshold value for exposure, it discards the rows lower than threshold and returns a new file merging the continous rows.

  • filename (str) – path of the aperture photometry file

  • threshold (float) – exposure threshold

  • tstart (float) – time start in UTC

  • tstop (float) – time stop in UTC


A filtered file result.txt